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Andreas Burckhard
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Other projects

The foundation focuses presently on its first statutory purpose due to its limited financial means.

As example of its financial support it may be appropriate to mention the first request that was approved.

Every year a musical week takes place at the Centre de Sornetan, which belongs to the Reformed Church of Bern - Jura - Solothurn ( and which is a place for getting together and for continuing education.

The participants come from different cantons and social groups, young and older. The meeting therefore brings together people across all kind of "borders", supporting at the same time culture and education.

The expenses to participate in such a meeting exceed however the means of some of the participants. They assume themselves housing expenses and participate in the organization expenses but the Foundation grants help cover tuition for the music classes for those who can hardly afford those, as Andreas Burckhardt had done it himself at the time.

The foundation's support is quite modest but its support has a leverage effect, rewarding the personal efforts of the participants, making possible what would otherwise be difficult to achieve.